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About M&P Construction

M&P Construction is a small company based in South West London.

We believe that the best & most effective way to advertise our company is by "word of mouth".

We are very proud to have many satisfied customers whom we were recommended to as well as they are recommending us to their friends, family and neighbours.

However, we are looking to expand our company and we would love you to become one of our valued customers.

Please have a look at our website and hopefully we have just what you need and what you looking for.

Our Processes

Architectural plans

Pre construction Design

A man cutting a wooden plate with a saw

Construction & Design Estimate

On site consultations

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans

Finishing Touches

A wood and white kitchen

Create your dream home.

M&P CONSTRUCTION is here to help!
Quick • Efficient • Reasonably priced

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